We can make personalized Hemmachef Gift Certificates for anyone, for any occasion, in any amount.

To request a Gift Certificate, please email us at Hemmachef@gmail.com with the following information:

Please choose:

    1. The amount of the Gift certificate.
    2. What you would like it to say (e.g. generic language “Good for One Parent-Child Cooking Class” or something more personal, such as “Happy Birthday!,” “Happy Holidays!,” “Happy Cooking!,” etc.)
    3. The name to go on it (gift recipient) – or it can be “generic” and have no name.
    4. If you would like your Gift Certificate emailed to you (available immediately), please provide the email address you would like it sent to.
    5. The color (for mailed, paper Gift Certificates).
    6. If you would like us to mail a paper Gift Certificate to you, please provide your mailing address.
      •   We will mail it as soon as we receive payment.
      •   We can also arrange a drop-off/pick-up for locations on Madison’s west side.

Payment Information:

We accept Venmo**, PayPal**, Zelle, and Popmoney payments (to Hemmachef@gmail.com).
**Additional fees for PayPal and some Venmo payments:

If you use a credit card for PayPal or Venmo payments, please add an additional $5 to cover service fees charged by these services for credit card payments.  Note: there should be no additional charges for payments from bank accounts, such as Zelle payments.

Please direct payments to Hemmachef@gmail.com

We also accept checks:
Please send checks for payment for Gift Certificates to:
Chef Joel Olson
PO Box 5643
Madison, WI, 53705-5643