Chef Joel hosts an annual GameFeed featuring wild game and fish, especially locally-harvested WI fish and game.

Chef Joel is a nationally-recognized culinary instructor and an avid sportsman.  He has combined his love of hunting and fishing and his classical culinary training into extensive expertise in preparing wild game.  He has hosted an annual “Game Feed” in Wisconsin for the past 20+ years to showcase different gourmet preparations of fish and wild game.  He especially enjoys developing new recipes and adapting an incredible range of recipes from different cultures to feature locally-harvested WI fish and game.

The Wisconsin State Journal has featured Chef Joel’s annual Wild Game Feed.  You can read about it here!  Chef Joel’s epic culinary events been covered in Madison Magazine, The Isthmus, and other print media, as well as the WSJ.  More information about Chef Joel in the media can be found here.

Chef Joel has hunted and fished in central and southwestern WI for over 50 years.  He especially loves waterfowl hunting in the sloughs and marshes surrounding his home town of Marshfield.  He looks forward to hunting deer each fall for the chance of filling the freezer with fresh, local, corn-fed venison.  Whether he is successful or not, Chef Joel is happy just being outdoors in Wisconsin in any weather.  (And he is always delighted to benefit from the hunting success of other generous friends and neighbors.  Thank You!)  Chef Joel enjoys using classic French culinary techniques to prepare innovative dishes with Wisconsin fish and game, including locally-harvested squirrel, rabbit, racoon and other small game, snapping turtle, freshwater fish, and of course venison (as well as game from further afield).

Many fun GameFeed pictures have been taken by professional photographer Steven Ralser (  You can find some of his GameFeed pictures (and order prints) HERE.

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