The Enough is Enough GameFeed

Oct 15, 2022


  • Dove Pizza with Mozzarella and Gouda
  • Canada Goose Fajitas with Peppers and Onions
  • Grilled Octopus with Garden Tomatoes and Feta
  • Smoked Lake Trout with Duck Cracklings
  • Canada Goose Shawarma with Cucumber Relish
  • Smoked Sockeye Salmon Mousse
  • Fried Bluegill


  • “Old-Fashioned” Venison Carpaccio
  • Long Neck Buck Roulade with Pesto Garnish
  • Canada Goose Schnitzel with Creamy Apples and Homemade Sauerkraut
  • Baked Walleye with Tomato Cream
  • Pan-seared Turkey Breast with Yellow Pepper Sauce and Red Pepper Sauce
  • Creamed Canada Goose with Mixed Mushrooms
  • Elk Bolognese
  • Bluegill Tomato and Lime Soup
  • Ground Boar and Japonica Rice Soup
  • Smoky Tomato and Bluegill Stew
  • Canada Goose and Serrano-Peach Stew
  • Alligator and Pheasant Gumbo
  • Venison Hearts
  • Pheasant “Coq au Vin”
  • Crawfish Mac n’ Cheese
  • Mac n’ Cheese
  • Orange Whitetail Deer with Smashed Cucumbers
  • Thai Green Curry Snapping Turtle with Zucchini
  • Vietnamese-style Venison Larb with Lime and Onions and Crispy Wontons


  • Jasmine Fried Rice with Green Tomatoes
  • Buttered Buckwheat Groats
  • Heavenly Mashed Potatoes
  • Basmati Rice with Roasted Pumpkin
  • Curried Carrots and Toasted Walnuts


  • Chocolate Sea Salt Brownies

Many Thanks to:

  • David Keck for incredible Sous-cheffing.
  • Steve Owen (& friends) for catching, cleaning, and frying those delicious panfish, plus of course the snapping turtle (can’t have GameFeed without Turtle Curry!)
  • Noah for supreme bartending and excellent bar supplies (in spite of the Brandy Emergency!!!)
  • Bryan Crawford for amazing, all-around assistance (including chopping wood!)
  • Kim Kaspersak the Kitchen Queen for her fabulousness (plus amazing stamina – Last Up at the bar/fire pit and First Up at the “ass-crack of dawn” to fly back to DC).
  • Martha Glum for all kinds of help!
  • Tom Brys for amazingly-timed kitchen assistance.  (There would have been no Schnitzel without Tom!)
  • Kevin Pomeroy illuminating for the umpteenth time a new configuration.
  • Adam Gallagher for SO many “duties as assigned” (including Driving Miss Charlotte and Heaven-Sent Help with dishes after).
  • Larry Dooley for Grounds Crew work and those awesome descending chairs!
  • Brian Lochen for the fabulous pop-up Canopy, many chairs, and tasty Cherry Wine (among other things).
  • Jacky Haines for Grounds Crew and much (and much-appreciated) moral support.
  • Susie Lochen for coming to the rescue of our linens.
  • Mike Florek for wonderful food assistance.
  • Charlie Fiss for the same.
  • Tom Schmock for audio assistance.