We can make personalized Hemmachef Gift Certificates for anyone, for any occasion, in any amount.

To request a Gift Certificate, please email us at Hemmachef@gmail.com with the following information:

Please choose:

    1. The amount of the Gift certificate
    2. What you would like it to say (e.g. generic language “Good for One Parent-Child Cooking Class” or something more personal)
    3. The name to go on it (gift recipient) – or it can be “generic” and have no name
    4. The color
    5. If you would like us to mail it to you  (If so, please provide your address.
      •   We will mail it as soon as we receive payment.
      •   We can also arrange a drop-off/pick-up.

Payment Information:

We accept Venmo**, PayPal**, Zelle, and Popmoney payments (to Hemmachef@gmail.com).
**Additional fees for PayPal and Venmo:

If you use a credit card for PayPal or Venmo payments, please add an additional $5 to cover service fees charged by these services for credit card payments.  Note: there should be no additional charges for payments from bank accounts.

Please direct payments to Hemmachef@gmail.com

We also accept checks:
Please send checks for payment for Gift Certificates to:
Chef Joel Olson
PO Box 5643
Madison, WI, 53705-5643