Gift Certificates for Cooking Classes Make Great Gifts!

(for Holidays, Birthdays, Graduations, College Enrollment, or just about any special event.)

Please choose:

  1. The amount of the Gift certificate
  2. What you would like it to say
  3. The name to go on it (or it can be “generic”)
  4. The color
  5. If you would like us to mail it to you (If so, please provide your address)



We personalize each Hemmachef Gift Certificate.

Please let us know the following:

AMOUNT.  We can make gift certificates for any amount that you would like.

Chef Joel’s children’s classes cost from $40-$55 per single class, depending upon class length.  Multi-class courses, like summer camps and “mini-camps,” cost more.  We also offer special events and some private lessons.  We can make a Gift Certificate for any occasion or event!  Please indicate the amount you would like to spend.

LANGUAGE.   What you would like your Gift Certificate to say?

This is good for $XX towards cooking classes” — the certificate can be applied towards the cost of any classes, workshops, or camps that your recipient wants to take.

Good for One Children’s Cooking Class or $XX towards children’s cooking classes of your choice.”

Good for Kids French Techniques Mini-Camp” (or any particular class)

Would you like the recipient’s name on the certificate?

Please let us know which language you prefer or if you have specific language you would like to use, such as “Happy Birthday Avery!  Enjoy this Cooking Class!  Love Grandma

COLOR.  What color do you prefer?

We have a wide range of colors available.  Please let us know your color preference.


We will mail the gift certificate to you once we receive your payment.  If you need a gift certificate very quickly to make alternate arrangements.



Please send check for payment to:

Chef Joel Olson
PO Box 5643
Madison, WI, 53705-5643

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