See Class Descriptions for full menus and other information. 

1/17/22 (Mon) – 10-12am – Parent-Child Pancakes

2/12/22 (Sat) – 12:30-2:30 – Parent-Child Valentine Donuts

3/26/22 (Sat) – 12:30-2:30pm – Parent and Child Ravioli

For all Parent-Child Classes:

Location: St. Mark’s.

Class Cost: $95 per parent-child pair (an additional child or adult may be added for $45 – Max 2 children per adult).

Email Hemmachef@gmail to register.


Parents, Grandparents, Big Brothers/Sisters and other Adult Friends & Relatives are welcome in Parent-Child cooking classes with children ages 5 and up.  Taking a cooking class is a great way to spend time together, and you’re sure to enjoy the products of your labor!  Whether this is your child’s first culinary experience or they have prepared full meals on their own, it’s great to make great food together.  Kids in Parent-Child classes range from 5 year-olds to teenagers.  Adult-child (or youth) pairs work closely together to prepare the delicious items on each class menu.  Some of Chef Joel’s most popular classes are:  Parent-Child Pasta, Parent-Child Candy-Making, Baking with Dad, and Mother’s Day Tea and Parent-Child Donuts.

Chef Joel has considerable experience working with individuals with special needs, including physical and developmental disabilities.  He feels strongly that all individuals can successfully participate in culinary classes and works hard with all students to ensure that they fully participate in each class.  Parents and children of all levels of ability, interest, and experience are welcome in Chef Joel’s classes.

Class sizes are limited.  Register now!

For private lessons or other questions, please email: Hemmachef@gmail.com.


Gift Certificates for Parent-Child cooking classes make great gifts!

Give the gift of a great experience together for holidays, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies, graduations, Grandparent’s Day, and many more occasions.


For information on special culinary events for Parents & children, please email Chef Joel at Hemmachef.com.


Parent-Child cooking classes are generally held at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 605 Spruce St., Madison, 53715.

Class are held in the kitchen, which is in the basement.  Please enter the building from the north side entrance (from Spruce Street), by the playground.  There will be a sign on the door for the cooking classes.


There should plenty of street parking available.  There is also a small parking lot behind the building, accessible from Hickory Street.


  • Participants must wear a facial mask for Covid-19 prevention.
  • Long Hair should be pulled back or put in a ponytail.
  • Participants must wear close-toed shoes.
  • Short-sleeved shirts are recommended.
  • Hemmachef will provide aprons and towels to use during the class.


All equipment, foods, and materials necessary to complete the recipes are provided by Chef Joel.


Please inform Chef Joel of any of the following:

  •         Food allergies or restrictions, such as lactose-intolerance or celiac disease
  •         Special Physical Needs
  •         Special Educational Needs


Participants are expected to behave with civility and respect for the Chef, the other participants, the equipment, and the food.


Chef Joel or other Hemmachef representatives may take photographs during class for use in marketing and promotional materials, with parental consent.  No names or other personal information will be included in these photographs.


Please inform Chef Joel as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend.  Your full class payment will be refunded up to 5 business days prior to the date of the class.  If you cancel after this time you will not receive a refund.  You may have someone attend in your place, however.

If Chef Joel must cancel for any reason, every effort will be made to reschedule the class, and if you cannot attend at the new time, you will receive a full refund.


Class will conducted unless City of Madison buses are not running due to inclement weather.


To register, please mail Hemmachef@gmail.com

1/17/22 (Mon) – 10-12am – Parent-Child Pancakes

Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast!  In this class, adult-child pairs will learn to make classic pancakes, and then explore some other delicious flat cakes, including savory pancakes.  On the menu:  Silky Corn Cakes with Honey Butter;  Sweet Potato Latkes with Maple Cream;  Scallion Pancakes with Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce;  and Classic Blueberry Pancakes with Lemon Glaze.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $95 per parent-child pair (an additional child or adult may be added for $45 – Max 2 children per adult).

2/12/22 (Sat) – 12:30-2:30 – Parent-Child Valentine Donuts

What a great way to spend a cold winter Saturday afternoon—making, decorating, and eating delicious fresh, homemade Donuts with a special child!  Adult-child pairs will prepare cake dough, then fry both cake and yeast donuts to taste and also take with and share (or not).  On the menu: Cake Donuts, Yeast Donuts, Pink Valentine Donuts; and Cinnamon Sugar Donuts with Valentines sprinkles.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $95 per parent-child pair (an additional child or adult may be added for $45 – Max 2 children per adult).

3/26/22 (Sat) – 12:30-2:30pm – Parent and Child Ravioli

Ravioli is fun to make and delicious to eat, and spending an afternoon with a special child learning to make fresh homemade ravioli is a great thing to do!  Pairs will learn the techniques to make Fresh Homemade Egg Pasta dough and will then roll the dough out using a pasta machine.  The fresh pasta sheets will be used to make these delicious types of ravioli: Three Cheese ravioli; Italian Sausage and Bell Pepper Ravioli; and Spinach and Asiago ravioli.  Fresh homemade Alfredo Sauce and Marinara Sauce will also be prepared in class to taste with the pasta.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $95 per parent-child pair (an additional child or adult may be added for $45 – Max 2 children per adult).

Email hemmachef@gmail.com to register.

Questions about Chef Joel’s Parent-Child Cooking classes?

Email Hemmachef@gmail.com