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Children of all levels of ability, interest, and experience are welcome in Chef Joel’s cooking classes.  They will learn to cook and develop their love of food and fellowship through fun, hands-on classes and workshops that focus on developing cooking skills that will last a lifetime.

Children’s classes are generally tailored for children ages 8-12.  Older children/teens may also be welcome in many classes and camps.  Younger children (ages 6-8) are welcome in Chef Joel’s Parent-Child Classes.  If you have any questions about whether classes are appropriate for your child, please contact Chef Joel.

Chef Joel has considerable experience working with persons with physical and developmental disabilities.  He feels strongly that all individuals, regardless of ability levels, can successfully participate in culinary classes and he works hard with all students to ensure that they fully participate in each class.

Chef Joel may offer classes on days when Madison (MMSD) schools are off or have early release so your children can learn useful skills while having fun.  Please note the Location for each class.

For information on special culinary events for children, such as Birthday Parties, Scouting events, special celebrations and more click here.



10/21 (Sat) – 9:30am–Noon – “Breakfast All-Day” Workshop

For many people, breakfast foods are some of their favorites, and they’re “not just for breakfast any more!”  After this class, your kids will be able to prepare great meals for themselves or others any time of day featuring classic breakfast staples.  Kids will learn the basics of egg preparations as well as many techniques for preparing egg-cellent dishes.  On the menu:  Classic Cheese Omelets; Maple Candied Bacon; Soft Scrambled Eggs; Broccoli, Cheddar and Bacon Breakfast Casserole; Egg Frittata; Apple-Stuffed French Toast with Apple Syrup; and Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake Muffins.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $50.

10/21 (Sat) – 9:30am–Noon – Kids Bread Workshop

Everyone loves bread, and learning to bake new kinds of bread is a fun talent that your kids will love to share.  In this cooking class, kids will practice basic bread-making techniques–measuring, stirring, kneading, proofing and working with yeast.  Then they will bake a variety of quick and yeast breads they’ll get to take home with them:  Naan – delicious pillowy Indian bread;  Hokkaido Milk Bread – delicious soft, light & fluffy bread from Japan.  Kids will learn the tangzhong method to make this wonderful bread.  Saboob – golden-baked Egyptian bread;  Barbari – a Persian flatbread primarily made in Iran; and Khobz – traditional round bread from Morocco, where it is served with almost every meal.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $55.

10/25 (Wed) – 4:00–6:00pm – Kids Halloween Tricks and Treats

Kids will love to learn to make (and then get to enjoy) these fun Halloween foods.  Not just sweets, but a tasty Halloween-inspired meal full of tricks and treats.  On the menu:  Spider Covered Devilled Eggs; Meat Hands with Oozing Fingers; Gobb Salad; and Vampire Teeth Cookie Sandwiches.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $45.

11/4 (Sat) – 9:30–11:30am – Cooking with Dad:  Chinese

What a great way to spend a morning—Cooking with Dad!  Big Brothers, Mentors, Uncles and special friends are also welcome in this fun parent-child cooking class.  Pairs will work together to make a delicious Chinese meal from scratch and will then get to enjoy eating it together.  On the menu:  Happy Wontons with Pleasurable Sauce; Vegetable Fried Rice; Sesame Flatbread; Ginger Cookies.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $75 per parent-child pair; each additional child is $35.

11/4 (Sat) – 12:30–3:30pm – Kids Cook Thanksgiving

After signing them up for this class, you will be able to sit back and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal that your children have prepared from scratch.  Now that’s something to be thankful for!   Kids will learn to prepare the following (and get to enjoy them themselves in class):  Sage-Roasted Turkey Breast with Classic Gravy;  Sausage and Herb Stuffing:  Heavenly Mashed Potatoes;  Maple- Glazed Sweet Potatoes;  Cream Biscuits;  Cranberry Sauce; and Tart Tatin with Cinnamon Crème Chantilly.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $55.

11/29 (Wed) – 4:00–6:00pm – Kids Sushi

Sushi is fun for kids to make, and it’s not just raw fish; it’s a way of preparing food.  In this class, kids will learn to prepare dashi (seaweed stock) for Miso Soup, along with learning sushi techniques and ingredients.  Kids will prepare Shari rice and learn how to roll sushi to make several kinds of rolls.  On the menu:  Miso Soup with Shrimp and Peas; California Rolls, Wisconsin Rolls; Spicy Tuna Rolls, and Inside-Out Rolls.  (In this class, no raw fish will be used.)  Kids will also prepare Sesame cookies for dessert.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $45.

12/13 (Wed) – 4:00–6:00pm – Kids Holiday Cookies

Kids will make, bake and decorate rollout sugar cookies galore with fun Holiday sprinkles and other decorations, to take home and share (or not!) with family and friends.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $45.

12/16 (Sat) – 9:30–11:30am – Parent-Child Holiday Treats

Share a Saturday morning learning to make delicious holiday treats with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or a special friend!  Adult-child pairs will prepare all of the following recipes and will have plenty to take home to share (or not!):  Baby Bûche de Noël with Chocolate Ganache;  Peppermint Candy Sugar Cookies;  Milk Chocolate Almond Bark;  Holiday Mint Balls;  Caramel Corn; and Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels with Holiday Sprinkles.  Class Cost: $75 per parent-child pair; each additional child is $35.

12/16 (Sat) – 12:30–3:30pm – Kids Holiday Treats

Kids will learn to make these classic and delicious Holiday Treats and will get to take some of each home to share (or not!):  Baby Bûche de Noël with Chocolate Ganache;  Peppermint Candy Sugar Cookies;  Milk Chocolate Almond Bark;  Holiday Mint Balls;  Caramel Corn; and Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels with Holiday Sprinkles.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Class Cost: $55.


Kids’ classes are generally tailored for children ages 8-12.  If you have any questions about which classes are appropriate for your child, please contact Chef Joel.


Register by emailing Chef Joel at: hemmachef@gmail.com to reserve a spot.  Class sizes are limited.  Once you receive confirmation that space is available, please send a check made payable to Chef Joel Olson to P.O. Box 5643, Madison, WI  53705-5643.


Class costs are listed for each class.  Costs include recipe packets to take home and all foods, equipment, and materials necessary to complete the recipes.


Classes are held at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 605 Spruce St., Madison, 53715.


For more information about Chef Joel click here or email: hemmachef@gmail.com

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