I have always been proud of my Norwegian-American Heritage.  It was natural for me to take Norwegian to fulfill my language requirement as I worked on my sociology degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  But it was harder than I figured, so after not taking it for a semester I switched to Swedish.  (“Uff da!” my ancestors would have said.)  Well I found that Swedish came to me a bit quicker as it didn’t seem to be as hard.  “Leave it to da Svedes to take da easy vay!”  I am just sure my Great Grandpa Olson would have said dat.

Hemma is the word for “home” in Swedish.  Chef means a “manager” as well as (in many languages) a professional cook.  One day, the words Hemma and Chef sat next to each other on a piece of paper and kind of took a shine to one another.  I was just beginning to teach cooking classes and had also started doing In-home Dinner Cooking Parties and In-home Children’s Birthday Parties, so it made sense to that the two words belonged together.  Hemmachef was born.  Now I could have used the Norwegian word for home which is Hjemma.  Go ahead, say it out loud with conviction.  Did you know to not pronounce the j, that it was silent?  It is actually pronounced Yemma not Ha-jemma, so this Norwegian made the right choice with the easier pronunciation, even though it is Swedish.

For twenty years now I have been teaching Adult Cooking Classes, Kids Cooking Classes, Teen Cooking Classes, Parent-Child Cooking Classes, as well as doing Corporate Team Building and Bonding Events and Cooking Parties, Bridal Showers, and other celebrations, as well as continuing to do In-home Cooking Classes, which was how the whole ball got rolling.  I have learned a lot and changed a lot of things, but I have stuck with Hemmachef, in spite of having to explain what it means quite a lot.  Since this is my 20th year anniversary of teaching cooking, I should get myself some China (the traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift).  Anyone who owns their own business knows what it can feel like, you sometimes feel like you are married to your business.  But instead of buying some China, I think I may just take my wife and daughter out for Chinese this anniversary.

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