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Chef Joel enjoys teaching teens and would be happy to offer more classes for this age group.  If you would like to arrange a class for a group of teens, please contact Chef Joel: hemmachef@gmail.com.


6/12-15 (Mon-Thurs) – 1:30pm–4:30pm – Teen Camp: Techniques of French Cuisine

This intensive 4-Day Camp will allow teens to learn classic, fundamental French culinary techniques that will enable them to cook any food perfectly.  They will hone their cooking skills while learning fun, new, delicious menus.  No prerequisites required, but expect to be challenged!  Location: St. Mark’s.  Camp Cost: $225.

Monday:  Vichyssoise with Fresh Baguettes; Citrus Boursin; Chicken Roulade with Red Pepper and Basil; Baked Rice Pilaf; White Chocolate Mousse Cake.
Tuesday:  Tomato Bisque with Lemon Thyme Madeleines; Biftek Hatche (French-Style Chopped Beef with Onions and Thyme); Potato Dauphinoise ; Tarte Tatin with Cinnamon Crème Chantilly
Wednesday:  Quiche Lorraine; Fish en Papillote with Fresh Pasta; Ratatouille Salad; Creme Brulee with Petit Fours
Thursday:  Salad Nicoise; Roasted Garlic Boule; Coq au Vin; Chocolate and Strawberry Profiteroles

6/19-22 (Mon-Thurs) – 1:30pm–4:30pm – Teen Camp: International Foods – 4-Day Class

This intensive 4-Day Camp will allow teens to hone their cooking skills while exploring flavors from around the world using locally-purchased ingredients to prepare fun, new, delicious menus.  Feel like you’ve traveled the world without leaving Madison!  No prerequisites required, but expect to be challenged!  Location: St. Mark’s.  Camp Cost: $225.

Monday:  Irish:  Irish Potato Soup with Cheese Toasties; Leek and Bacon Tart; Shepard’s Poultry Pie; Colcannon; Shortbread.
Tuesday:  Moroccan:  Shrimp Brioutes (Stuffed Pastry Packets); Khobz (Moraccan Bread); Chicken Tagine with Couscous; Gazelle Horns (Almond Pastries with Orange Flower Water)
Wednesday:  Indian:  Spicy Potato Samosas with Coriander Mint Chutney; Indian Chickpea and Vegetable Soup; Vegetable Tikka Masala with Jasmine Rice and Cucumber Raita; Sevaya Kheer (Vermicelli and Milk Pudding with Golden Raisins and Almonds)
Thursday:  Japanese:  Ton-jiro (Pork and Vegetable soup); Cucumber Rolls; Tempura Vegetables; Chicken Teriyaki with Rice;  Dora Yaki (Sweet Pancakes with Sweet Bean Paste).

8/7-10 (Mon-Thurs) – 1:30pm–4:30pm – Teen Camp: American Culinary Adventure

This intensive 4-Day Camp will allow teens to hone their cooking skills while learning fun, new, delicious menus.  Participants will get to enjoy some classic regional favorites as well as twists on old stand-by’s.  Basic kitchen skills, including food safety and sanitation as well as knife skills will be covered.  No prerequisites required, but expect to be challenged!  Location: St. Mark’s.  Camp Cost: $225.

Monday:  Homemade Chicken Meatballs with Herbed Gravy and Cream Biscuits; Classic Kentucky Burgoo with Cheddar Dumplings; Apple Dumplings with Caramel Sauce.
Tuesday:  Crescent Rolls; Roasted Turkey and Vegetable Kebabs with Honey Dijon Sauce; Mashed Potato Cakes; Seven Layer Salad; Lemon Bars
Wednesday:  Corn and Potato Chowder; Round Bread; Beef and Cheese Sandwiches with Roasted Red Pepper; Roasted French Fries; Peanut Butter Mousse with Chocolate Sauce
Thursday:  Barbecued Chicken; Potato and Vegetable Salad; Tomato and Cucumber Salad; Honey Poppy Seed Coleslaw; Wisconsin Cheddar and Jalapeno Corn Muffins; Fruit Shortcakes

8/14-17 (Mon-Thurs) – 1:30pm–4:30pm – Teen Camp: Noodles! – 4-Day Class

Each day camp participants will learn and practice unique noodle-making techniques, then use the noodles they make to prepare a variety of savory dishes.  Egg-based Ramen Noodles start the week off as kids learn the basics of making that smooth and tender dough.  Sophisticated Soba Noodles made of buckwheat follow, then Rice Noodles and finally Italian Pasta Dough.  Note: This class is not gluten free.  Location: St. Mark’s.  Camp Cost: $225.

Monday: Ramen Noodles:  Teens will make Ramen noodles, then will make slowly simmered broths, with luscious roast pork and eggs cooked to perfection.  Also on the menu:  Roasted Chicken Ramen; Peanut Butter Ramen Salad; Miso Ramen; Meatball Ramen with Sticky Orange and Soy Sauce.
Tuesday: Soba Noodles:  Sesame Soba Noodles; Silky Soba Noodles with Spicy Sesame Sauce; Crispy Soba Noodle Pancakes with Barbecued Chicken and Vegetables; Nori Rolls with Salmon and Soba.
Wednesday: Rice Noodles:  Thai Rice Noodles with Chicken and Broccoli; Pork and Vegetable Pho; Pad Thai; Cambodian Rice Noodle with Shrimp and Peas.
Thursday: Raviolis:  Three Cheese Ravioli; Spinach and Feta Ravioli; Italian Sausage Ravioli; Plus Plain Egg Pasta; Marinara Sauce and Alfredo Sauce.


Teen cooking classes are designed for youth ages 13-17.  If you have any questions about which classes are appropriate for your child, please contact Chef Joel.


Register by emailing Chef Joel at: hemmachef@gmail.com to reserve a spot.  Class sizes are limited.  Once you receive confirmation that space is available, please send a check made payable to Chef Joel Olson to PO Box 5643, Madison, WI, 53705-5643.


Class costs are listed.  Costs include recipe packets to take home and all foods, equipment, and materials necessary to complete the recipes.


Teen cooking classes are held at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 605 Spruce St., Madison, 53715.


For more information about Chef Joel click here or email: hemmachef@gmail.com

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