Making Sushi Rice

I am certainly no Sushi Master. But I do know that if you can properly make the rice, you are one important step closer to being able to make a sushi roll.  The last step (after putting the [...]


Thanksgiving Tips

Re-posting my Thanksgiving blogs to help you have a more relaxed, happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy! THREE GREAT TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR THANKSGIVING DAY MEAL LESS STRESSFUL TIP NUMBER ONE: Let your Turkey [...]


Food Moments I Missed While I Was Busy Cooking – July 2017

 Wow!  July was a busy month for me and as I reflect on what I did do, it dawned on me I should look to see what I didn’t do.  As you may have noticed, I sometimes use national food [...]


The Art of a Picnic

I love picnics.  When I was a kid it seemed like we couldn’t travel anywhere that took longer than a couple of hours without stopping to have a picnic.  My parents had a Coleman picnic set [...]


Fromage Fort (“Strong Cheese”)

We always have cheese on hand and usually lots of it.  I believe it may be law here in Wisconsin that you have to have at least some cheese on hand (or is it butter?).  When cheese goes on sale, [...]


National Donut Day

I should have known this day was coming.  I try to stay current on important holidays but somehow this one slipped through the hole.  Thankfully, I was woken up just before sunrise by our [...]

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