Chef Joel has been teaching children how to cook for 20 years.  He enjoys working with children of all ages and inspiring them to love cooking and enjoy good food.

He especially enjoys teaching children about manners and etiquette and why they are important, both in food-related settings and in daily life.  Chef Joel has developed cooking and manners & etiquette curricula for many different schools and groups.  He uses culinary education to empower children to make good choices about the food they eat and how they eat it, and to give them the skills to prepare food for themselves and others.

Chef Joel has considerable experience working with persons with physical and developmental disabilities.  He feels strongly that all individuals, regardless of disability, can successfully participate in culinary classes and works hard with all students to ensure that they fully participate in each class.

Chef Joel recognizes that culinary education not only develops skills that are valuable throughout life, but can also be used to enhance many educational goals – from teaching math through recipes to increasing vocabulary skills by describing food and dishes.


Read more about the benefits of culinary education here.

 Chef Joel has Chaired the Kids in the Kitchen Section of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).  In this capacity he worked to highlight the importance of children’s culinary and nutrition education and also organized culinary events for local youth at IACP annual conferences.  He has also been an active member of the IACP Cooking Schools and Teachers Section.



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