Large Mouth Bass dish
Long-necked Buck neck on the grill

GameFeed 2015 Sept 19, 2015

#1 –  Broth Bar

#2 –  German-style Venison and Lamb with Dad’s Sauerkraut, with Handpicked Cranberries and Bacon

#3 –  Jäger Schnitzel

#4 –  Cream-Braised Wild Turkey with Butternut Squash

#5 –  Squirrel Pizza

#6 –  Antipasto Platter with Venison Sausage, Pepperjack and Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese and Homemade Pickles

#7 –  Venison Carpaccio with Roasted Shallot Tapenade, Truffle Oil and Chives or Lemongrass, Shallot and Limes

#8 –  Venison Wellington Canapés

#9 –  Blue Cheese-stuffed Venison Rolls

#10 – Wild Rice-encrusted Venison with Oyster Mushrooms and Bell Peppers

#11 – Bourbon Barrel Stout and Mustard Glazed Pit-Roasted Long Neck of Buck with Bourbon BBQ Sauce

#12 – “Bear-guez” with Tomato Cream Sauce and Optional Berber Harissa Chili Paste

#13 – Cocoa-Crusted Venison with Cognac Jus

#14 – Grilled Jerk Turkey

#15 – Fish and Chips with Malt Vinegar

#16 – Twice-Cooked Venison

#17 – Shredded Turkey with Shitake Mushrooms

#18 – Thai Green Curry Snapping Turtle

#19 – Wild Turkey Marsala

#20 – Rabbit Dumplings with Creamy Currant Sauce

#21 – Rabbit Liver Paté

#22 – Chicken Liver Paté

#23 – Venison and Lamb Sausage Palmier Pastries

#24 – Walleye with Fennel Cream Sauce

#25 – Crawfish Lasagna

#26 – Gumbo and Parmesan-Crusted Catfish

#27 – Trout Almandine

#28 – Venison-Stuffed Trout

#29 – Blanched Zucchini and Yellow Squash with Oregano and Olive Oil

#30 – “Mac” and Cheese

#31 – Scallop, Shrimp and Bluegill Seafood Toast

#32 – Elk with Oyster Mushrooms and Demi-glaze

#33 – Northern Pike Fish Balls with Marinara Sauce

#34 –Roasted Largemouth Bass, Musky Steaks, and Andouille Platter with Sautéed Peppers and Onions

#35 – Wilburn’s Cocktail Meatballs

#36 – “Far East” Venison and Pork with Lemongrass Sauce

#37 – Israeli Chopped Salad

#38 – Banana Cake

#39 – Beer Trough

#40 – Wine Bar

#41 – Martini Bar, with Gin, Vodka, Vermouth, Lemon, Olives, Onions


Many Heartfelt Thanks to awesome friends for their incredible help, especially:  Kevin Pomeroy, Adam Gallagher, Larry Dooley, David Keck, Kathy Schwaegerl, Kamal Hamdani, Signe Peterson, Andy Peters, Chris Boyd and Pete Manley

Thanks also to the wonderful folks who contributed fish and game:  Tom Ritzinger, Mike Watt, Sara Gerlach, Jenny Crawford, Steve Owen, Chris Schacherer, Brian Lochen, and Miller Young (May He Rest in Peace)

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