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Martini Bar – Al Fresco

Martini Bar, Wine Bar and Beer Bar are at Woodpile in the back corner of the yard. Note the lights and signs indicating where they are. There will probably be a few people located there as well.

Aluminum Can recycling is seperate from all other recycling. You can find recycling at the bar and near the new grass field which is also where the Garbage, Chicken Food and Dirty Dish stations are located. Please throw away any bones into the garbage, then scrape your plate fof food scraps for the chickens into the Chicken Food Bin, then either throw away the plate if applicable or place the scraped plate and used silverware in the Dish Bin. Please do not take plates or flatware inside.

Thank you to following people who have helped put this event together:

Chris Schacherer, for not personally chumming on his fishing trip on Lake Michigan netting the Salmon for the Gravlox, Applewood Smoked Salmon and Fresh Salmon Mousse; Mike Watt for giving me the deer drawed and quartered (including the backstraps; Kevin Pomeroy who masterfully smoked the bear ribs, made the gate hinge erect, torched the yard and helped prep; Dean Kahl who put a roof on Woodpile and helped prep; Pete Manley shaking, stirring and rocking the Martini at Woodpile; David Keck for regaling us with kitchen lore and lingo while masterfully mincing, dicing and trimming; Adam Gallagher for his power, jerking the goose, and mastering the art of the cube; Larry Dooley for trimming bear, lamb and venison and then going “Fargo” with them, plus major food prep; DeAnne Klein for listening while she prepped and for getting up so early to make her family’s favorite pastry; Steve Ralser for documenting the days and food prep; Steve Owen picking up the phone and trapping an invitation to bring Dane County Snapping turtle to the table; Tom Schmock for enabling shaking along with stirring and rocking; Charlotte Olson for making the Kid’s meal; Tom Ritzinger for the black bear and Canada Goose Breast; Bruce Andrews for the Canada Walleye Filets; Stephanie Judge and Noah Kunin-Goldsmith for the venison summer sausage; Andy Peters for his help with all sorts of kitchen and logistics; Miller Young for his yak; Kathy Schwaegerl for the nice and tidy little balls; I am so sorry if I forgot anyone!!

Before enjoying this food a little prayer:

Romans 14: Verse 2 Some believe in eating anything, while the weak eat only vegetables.

On the menu tonight:

Beer-Brined BBQ Bear Ribs

Nicely cleaned Rice Lake Black Bear, cut into ribettes and brined with beer, salt, and sugar. They were then slowly smoked with hickory then finished on the grill with homemade BBQ sauce.

Applewood Smoked Salmon with Apple Cider Vinegarette

More great salmon with a nice smooth vinaigrette.

Goose and Pork Loaf with Maytag Blue

Freshly ground Canada goose and gound pork spiced with juniper berries

Lake Michigan Salmon Gravlox

The tail-end fillet of beautiful Lake Michigan salmon, cured with Aquavit, sugar, salt and dill. Then sliced and served with dill mustard and saltines.

Fresh Salmon Mousse

I used the scraps (including the fatty belly) of same wonderfully fresh salmon, pureed with heavy whipping cream, shallots, dill, and a splash of Tanqueray. Try with Saltines.

Jersey Valley Pan Fish Pate

I poached fresh water bluegills from Western, Wisconsin. Actually I had a license. But I cooked them in a Lemon Dill Court Bouillon, them into cream cheese, sour cream, and whipped cream. Delightful with saltines.

Big Bear Sandwich

Big Bear Sandwich

Big Bear Sandwhich with Roasted Shallots, Wisconsin Cheddar and Bernaise Butter

This is a take on a sandwhich my dad used to make using beef sirloin, cheddar and Italian bread along with French’s mustard. For this take, the bear was grilled over applewood, then sauteed in a little bacon fat, before being thinly sliced. The shallots were roasted with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. The Bernaise Butter was made with fresh Wisconsin creamery butter along with a tarragon vinegar reduction. It was then assembled, wrapped in foil and warmed.

“Macaroni” and Cheese

Save all those scraps of cheese! I made a bechamel (Betty Crocker white sauce), added assorted tidbits of cheese thus creating a sauce Mornay. I then mixed it with assorted cooked pasta added a dash of Nutmeg and baked it until hot.

Bear and Lamb Tagine

So no, I don’t own a tagine cooking vessel but I still made a good stew. I sauteed bear and lamb chunks, then stewed them with vegetables, assorted spices and some honey and apricots. Try it with rice.

Bourbon and Coke Venison and Pork Meatballs with Black Peppercorn Veloute

Literally bourbon and coke along with other traditional meatball ingredients.


Pate Smack-down!

Liver Pate Smack-Down

Compare and Contrast: Taste testing of beef, lamb, duck, and rabbit pate. Vote at the martini bar for which one you like best. All four are prepared exactly the same with the liver sauteed then pureed , shallots, creamery butter and Cognac. Try with Pickled Mushrooms, Pickled Mango, Pickled Shittake and Button Mushrooms and Gingered Pickled Watermelon Rind and saltines.

Rabbit Wing Schnitzel

Tender rabbit dusted in seasoned flour, dipped in egg wash and coated in acornmeal-bread crumb blend then fried in a combination butter and olive oil with a spritz of lemon.

Grilled Venison with Whisky etabuce

Well seasoned and expertly grilled venison tenderloin with a simple shallot, cream and Whisky sauce.

Rabbit with Sweated Vegetables

Rabbit marinated with white balsamic vinegar, herbed vinegar and olive oil. Don’t forget about the leeks, red peppers and bacon.

Swamp & Turf Pizza

This year standing in for the squirrel pizza are alligator and venison along with tomato basil sauce from the garden and some kind of cheese that will hopefully melt on the pizza.

Bear, Lamb and Cheddar Blue Meatballs

I really don’t understand why they mix cheddar and blue cheese. So I thought why not mix it with bear and lamb.

Antipasta Platter with Venison Summer Sausage, Cheese, and Tomatoes

Do I really need to repeat it?

Merguez with Preserved Lemon and Spicy Eggplant Red Pepper Sauce

This could be Berguez. It is another lamb and bear concoction with the flavors of Moracco.

Thai Green Curry Turtle with Vegetables

Sauteed Dane County Turtle stewed with vegetables and thai green curry.

Smoked Trout with Bacon and Tomato Mashed Potatoes

Applewood smoked trout with tomato laden, butter and cream mashed potatoes and bacon.

Bear Shots

It’s the master base stock with vodka, lemon, worchestshire, Tabasco, celery salt, and pepper. Find at wood pile.

Venison Carpaccio

Thinly sliced venison backstrap with lemon juice, shallots, jalapenos, black pepper, olive oil and sea salt.

Banana Bread with Chocolate Sauce

Great banana bread with melted chocolate. Eat this first.

Braised Corned Goose with Cabbage and Kluski Noodles

As corny as it sounds, this is comfort food. I love the noodles.

Canadian Walleye with Garden Tomato Cream

A great Scandinavian recipe that works well with cod or haddock.


Thank you all for coming!!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t give Laura a chance to proof-read any of this so who knows about spelling and such.

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