September 21, 2013



Fish Mousses

A1. Smoked Trout Mousse with Croutons, Chives and Pickled Green Beans – The butterflied trout filets are lightly-smoked with local apple wood (from two houses away – they cut it down, I cannon tell a lie). Then the fish is flaked and folded into a trio of fine Wisconsin dairy products, loosened up with a shot or so of Brandy. Enjoy with croutons and pickled green beans.

A2. Nori-wrapped Smelt with Miso, Pickled Ginger, Wasabi, and Soy – Sushi doesn’t just mean raw fish. Try deep-fried smelt sushi with the classic accompaniments. You can at least say you have tried sushi.

A3. Grilled Stuffed Smelt with Tarragon Lemon Sauce – We’ve taken the largest smelt and stuffed them with diced, smokey bacon and herbs. The sour and slightly bitter sauce compliments the sweet savory fish to complete the circle of flavor. For those Foodies wondering about umami, simply hum “mmm.. ami” as you savor the flavor.

A4. Balti Fried Fish with Currant Chutney – More smelt? You bet! It was a big net. This time the smelt are chopped then mixed with lemon, cilantro and tomatoes and deep-fried. The flavor comes from the Indian Spice blend called Garam Masala, available commercially, but I blend my own.

A5. Spicy Smelt and Shrimp Crépes – Wrap it and they will eat it. Fried smelt, sautéed shrimp with a spicy onion and tomato confit folded into a crépe. “I went to a garden party…” and took a crépe.

A6. Venison Carpaccio – Voted Most Popular at the last Game Feed, it is truly worth having again. Freezing the meat until just frozen makes it easy to slice thinly. Seasoned with lemongrass, scallions, and garlic to name just a few of the aromatics. Enjoy on a saltine.

A7. Squirrel Pizza – A Game Feed favorite for over a decade. Fat Wisconsin gray squirrels braised, boned, and slathered on a thin crust with our garden pizza sauce and mozzarella.gamefeed_2014-28

A8. Elk Larb with Crispy Wontons – The hardest part is finding the larb on the elk. Actually, a Thai recipe of chopped meat seasoned with lime, red chilis and cilantro, among other seasonings. Enjoy with a crispy wonton.

A9. Elk and Venison Sausage with Homemade Ketchup – Pork fat carries the flavor in the oak-smoked homemade sausage with homemade ketchup from our garden tomatoes.

A10. Duck, Duck Goose Strudel – This “game” begins with a thinly-sliced duck breast, then it is topped with Duck confit mashed with duck fat and a touch of roasted garlic, a shaving of corned Canada goose breast, and then Wisconsin Cheddar makes it “IT.”


E1. Stewed Venison with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Onions – This Indian-inspired dish combines our fresh garden produce with flavors of India and of course corn-fed Wisconsin venison. Try with Jasmine rice or mashed potatoes.

E2. Elk Mince Kebabs – Not served on a stick, this delectable meat is served open-faced on a piece of Focaccia with homemade ketchup.

E3. Greek-Style Elk Sausages with Fresh Tomato Sauce – Handmade and rolled sausages derive flavor from plenty of garlic and fresh oregano.   Roasted onion sweetens the fresh tomatoes and bathes the sausages in a scrumptious simmering sauce.

E4. Bolognese Elk Sauce – Another Back By Popular Demand. I have learned to simply love Bolognese Sauce. This particular recipe uses finely-diced vegetables cooked with the elk and a generous quantity of milk (from happy Wisconsin cows) cooked to perfection.

E5. Legend Lake Bouillabaisse – Wonderful fresh bass filets, along with Gulf shrimp, highlight this classic fish stew. Try with a Focaccia chip, Sauce Rouille, and Aioli.

E6. Big Game Sandwich with Beer-Glazed Onions and Wisconsin Colby – What more is there to say? Try with homemade watermelon pickles.

E7. Crab-Stuffed Venison Roulade with Sauce Chausseur – Venison round, butterflied then layered with prosciutto and a crab and almond mix. Sauce Chausser is Hunter Sauce. Go Figure!

E8. Spicy Game Loaf – Ground venison blended with red pepper flakes, cilantro, and a bit of potato, then baked with eggs.

E9. Fish Loaf with Tomato Butter – Butter-poached smelt and panfish filets with garden tomatoes, fresh focaccia bread crumbs and a bechamel sauce, all baked. Tomato + Butter = Tomato Butter.

E10. Cedar-Planked Venison with Wisconsin Blue Cheese and Bourbon Sauce and Candied Walnuts – Slow-grilled venison roast, sliced thinly. Try with this delicious sauce and a candied walnut or two.

E11. Lavender-Glazed Grilled Venison, Zucchini and Tomato – The venison is grilled over an open applewood fire along with zucchini and tomatoes, then served with a reduction of balsamic vinegar flavored with lavender (pot pourri).

E12. Venison Bulgogi – The venison is sliced then marinated with sesame, soy, sake, sugar, scallions and s……

E13. Chinese-Style Oyster Venison – Thinly-sliced venison sautéed, then simmered with oyster sauce and Asian vegetables. Try with rice.

E14. Hot and Sour Soup with Venison and Porcini Mushrooms – Strong flavors predominate in this Asian-inspired soup. Great on a cool fall day.

E15. John Roberts’ Big Bass – This bass is prepared Szechuan-Style.


S1. Herbed Rice Pilaf

S2. Wild Rice

S3. Heavenly Mashed Potatoes

S4. Macaroni and Cheese

S5. Ratatouille Nicoise


D1. Sour Cherry and Chocolate Trifle

D2. Raspberry and Lemon Trifle

D3. Apple Cake with Cinnamon Creme Chantilly

Chef Joel would like to thank the following folks for contributing game: Mike Watt (elk & venison), Adam Gallagher’s Uncle Tom Ritzinger (venison), Chris Schacherer and John Roberts (fish from Lake Legend). Many thanks also to the wonderful friends who helped with food preparation and other duties as assigned: Kevin Pomeroy, Adam Gallagher, Brian Lochen, Signe Peterson, Kathy Schwaegerl, John Roberts, Laura Flinchbaugh, and Charlotte Olson. And a special thanks to Chris Schacherer’s meat packer. Go Packers!

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