Chef Joel and his long-necked Buck

Chef Joel and his long-necked Buck


Chef Joel Olson is a proud Wisconsin native and an avid sportsman.  He has combined his love of hunting and fishing and his classical culinary training to develop expertise in preparing wild game.




Chef Joel has hunted and fished in central and southwestern Wisconsin for over 40 years.  He especially loves waterfowl hunting in the sloughs and marshes surrounding his home town of Marshfield.  He also looks forward to hunting deer each fall for the chance to fill his freezer with fresh, local, corn-fed venison.  Regardless of the intended quarry, Chef Joel always manages to bring back something for the dinner table, whether fresh watercress, wild apples, or squirrel for his famous pizza.  However successful he his, Chef Joel is happy just being  outdoors in Wisconsin in any weather.



It’s Never Too Cold to Grill!



Chef Joel enjoys using classic French culinary techniques and international ingredients to prepare innovative dishes with Wisconsin fish and game, including locally-harvested squirrel, rabbit, raccoon and other small game, snapping turtle, freshwater fish, and of course venison.  He has also developed gourmet dishes using more exotic game, including kangaroo, ostrich, emu, buffalo, elk, antelope, mule deer, alligator, Rocky Mountain pine squirrel, and others.  He has hosted an annual “Game Feed” in Wisconsin for the past 15 years to share his love of cooking game with friends and family and to showcase different gourmet preparations of wild game and fish.Joel with Sheepshead

Chef Joels’s Game Feed was featured in the Wisconsin State Journal.   He was also interviewed for the WSJ article “In Season: Venison” this fall to give expert advice about preparing venison.

You can check out the menus/programs for the last few Game Feeds here:

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